Welcome to Nordic Piccolo Festival

We are very honored to introduce the second edition of Nordic Piccolo Festival to be held the 9th – 12th of March 2023.
Here you’ll find all the relevant information about the festival

Every morning at the festival there will be a joint warm-up session, where one of the guest artists will share their warm-up routines and experiences with the piccolo.

The warm-up class is a good way to start the day. Here you will meet all the participants and teachers and you will together set a positive mood for the rest of the day.

At the masterclasses you’ll have the opportunity to get lessons with some of the best piccolo players in the world.
In March 2023 we are honored to be hosting some of the best piccolo players in the world:

Nicola Mazzanti  –  Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra
Natalie Schwaabe  – The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Trond Magne   –  Oslo Philharmonic
Ida Marie Sørmo  –  Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
Tina Ljungkvist  –  Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

The masterclasses will be held at the same time, and you will have the opportunity to organize your own lessons as well as which lessons you’d like to observe, based on your own individual wishes and needs.

The workshops and lectures provides the opportunity to research and immerse oneself in topics that often doesn’t get prioritized, because of a lack of time in normal piccolo lessons. This could include breathing, body posture and awareness or maintenance of the instrument. In 2023 we will present you the following workshops:

Mental training Workshop
with Ulrich Ghisler. 

At the concerts at Nordic Piccolo Festival you will hear a lot of different piccolo repertoire, old as well as new. It is our intention to present a completely new work for the piccolo each year, written by a Nordic composer.

The concerts at 2023 edition:

  • Concert with the guest artists of Nordic Piccolo Festival 2023 Accompanied by pianists
  • Concert with all participants
  • Concert with guest artists of Nordic Piccolo Festival, Accompanied by Ensemble Hermes

Nordic Piccolo Festival will take place in the heart of Aalborg in Denmark close to hotels, restaurants and the shopping street.


Musikkens Pl. 1,
9000 Aalborg

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+45 26 16 39 84
[email protected]
Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

logo nordic piccolo festival dark background


+45 26 16 39 84
[email protected]
Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg, Danmark